Govender Law required a logo identity to brand their new business - a bold, sophisticated and feminine logo that encapsulated their motto of ‘Ferociously Fighting Injustice’. The identity extended to various other branding collateral including business cards, letterheads, email signatures and a company profile.

Govender Law Branding

Logo Development | Branding

”Rarely, we are able to find outstanding service delivery. You know, the vendor who executes your mandate to perfection - the kind of perfection that supercedes the vision you had when you engaged their services? Govender Law is a 1000% (yes, a whole thousand) in awe of ALUA Creative. Alicia is a creative genius who has brought Govender Law's motto of "Ferociously Fighting Injustice" to life with her insane talent. Many of our followers have complimented our logo and we would be terribly remiss in our manners to not extend our sincere gratitude to ALUA creative and Alicia.”

- Paksini Govender, Govender Law